Past Events

World Parkinson's Day - April 2013

TCA helps Parkinson’s Victoria to Keep Moving

On Thursday 11 April 2013 TCA joined Parkinson’s Victoria to celebrate World Parkinson’s Day at Federation Square. The event was aimed at helping people with Parkinson’s to ‘keep moving’.

It started at 7.15am with a live cross to ABC News Breakfast. TCA Instructor, Ann and Trainees Graham and Lai demonstrated Tai Chi.  At lunchtime, several TCA Instructors joined Chief Instructor, Master Han in a Tai Chi and Health Qigong demonstration, followed by a free public class.

A question and answer forum followed.  TCA’s Technical Researcher, Ilija explained how TCA has students who have Parkinson’s and find Tai Chi beneficial.  He then answered questions relating to Tai Chi and Parkinson’s; how research around the world has shown it helps in the short and long term. (View related article)

TCA was proud to be invited to participate in this event.  The Tai Chi demonstrations, free classes and seminars were all well attended. We look forward to being involved with Parkinson’s Victoria in the future to help people with Parkinson’s to ‘keep moving’.

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