About Our Instructors

About Our Instructors

All TCA instructors have an acclaimed reputation envied by schools in Australia and overseas. They are highly qualified. Each has been professionally trained and obtained full accreditation from training by leading Professors from the Beijing Sport University (BSU), Grand Tai Chi Master Chen Xiao Wang and Chinese Health Qigong Association. TCA has an experienced team of instructors in Melbourne, Regional Victoria and Tasmania – a claim that can not be matched by any other Tai Chi school.

Our Instructors' Training is Ongoing

As our instructors are committed to improving their knowledge and skills, their training is ongoing in China and Australia. Regular instructor training is conducted by Master Han Jin Song to hone individual performances and to gain information to share with students. There are also many opportunities throughout the year both in China and Australia to train with Professors/Masters from the Beijing Sport University and Chinese Health Qigong Association and Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang at the annual invitation only seminar in China.

Fully Insured

TCA has Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance that covers all accredited instructors.

All TCA instructors also maintain a duty of care to every student to lessen the likelihood of accidents occurring.