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Business and Government Classes

Specially Designed Programmes

Tai Chi Australia provides Tai Chi instruction to many different groups within Australia from large corporations and Government departments to schools and senior citizens groups.

We design special Tai Chi courses to suit your requirements, your timeframes and your location. For more information please contact us.

Corporate Sector

In the corporate sector we have provided tailor-made courses to companies from the banking and legal areas, large corporations such as IBM and Telstra, through to specialist firms such as RACV and Lonely Planet. Many of our instructors have a corporate background and are quite familiar with the challenges and stresses facing today's business workforce. We provide courses at your offices, or arrange a venue for your staff. You tell us what you want and we will make it happen.

Government Sector

Tai Chi Australia has had many opportunities to work with Government organisations including The Department of Justice, The Department of Education and Training, ATO (Australian Taxation Office) and ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) to name but a few.

The Department of Education and Training was an interesting challenge as they wanted to introduce Tai Chi to the staff of multiple schools throughout Melbourne to reduce the incidents of slips and falls. We were able to provide sufficient numbers of instructors with the specific training required to fulfill this programme. The programme proved to be successful not only from a Slips and Falls perspective but provided the added benefit of a reduction in stress leave.

Education Sector – Schools and Colleges

We have been teaching both teachers and students of numerous educational institutions throughout Melbourne for over 10 years.

For the young, and young-at-heart, our courses more typically focus on the exercise aspects of Tai Chi and the more vigorous, Kungfu (Wushu). However, there are always the added benefits in this scenario of improved self-esteem, body image and self-discipline.

We also teach Tai Chi or Wushu as a supplement to the school curriculum in situations such as:

  • Multicultural Days where we introduce Tai Chi/Wushu as part of the Chinese culture, speak Chinese with the students and share other aspects of the cultural heritage.
  • Chinese New Year or China day where we do 30 to 60 minute demonstrations of Tai Chi and Wushu to entertain the students
  • As an addendum to a set curriculum - introducing Tai Chi for subjects such as Applied Science, Physical Education etc.

For teachers and VCE students, the core take-out has been on stress management and relaxation.

In summary, we have instructors trained to work with your school or college to provide:

  • An introduction to Tai Chi, Kungfu and Chinese Culture
  • Demonstrations of Tai Chi and Kungfu
  • Conduct ongoing classes in Tai Chi and Kungfu.

Please feel free to talk to us about your specific requirements.

Special Interest Groups

Tai Chi is for everyone. Whether you are the Turkish Women's Group, a Respite House for Intellectually Disadvantaged People or the local footy club, Tai Chi Australia can tailor a programme to suit you. Our instructors have a combined teaching experience in excess of 150 years, so if we don't know about your particular needs, nobody will.

If you have very special needs or would like the privacy afforded by one-on-one sessions, we can arrange private classes to suit you.