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About Our Classes

About Our Classes

Tai Chi Australia runs dozens of classes throughout Victoria and Tasmania for students of all skill levels. We also have a sister school in South Australia.

For information regarding practice sessions please contact us.

Beginner's Classes

If you are new to Tai Chi we have Beginner's Classes starting four times a year in Melbourne and regional Victoria, and three times a year in Tasmania. Our Beginner's Classes commence with an obligation FREE Introductory lesson designed for you to not only find out more about Tai Chi but more importantly, to experience it and see if you like it. If you enjoy your class, you can sign up for a 10-week term. If Tai Chi is not for you, you can walk away.

If you decide to sign up, we will provide you with an information sheet and ask you to complete an Application Form for Insurance purposes only. All of this information will be kept strictly confidential.

Our class structure comprises 10 x 1 hour classes at the venue of your choice plus a 2-hour park practice session (weather permitting) at the end of each Term. If you can not attend your regular class, you can attend another venue in the same week at no cost, to make up the class you have missed.

Please go to our page on Beginner's Classes for a detailed list of locations and times.

Regular Classes

Tai Chi Australia runs regular public classes featuring a variety of styles, forms and sets. For details of what is currently available please choose the location that best suits you:

Metropolitan Melbourne
Regional Victoria

Seniors' Classes

Just because you're Over 50, doesn't mean you want to be restricted to Tai Chi for Arthritis. At Tai Chi Australia, we specialize in teaching Traditional Tai Chi to Australian Seniors. Many of the styles and forms practiced in China are more than suitable for Seniors. How do you think so many older Chinese do Tai Chi?

In addition to the original forms, we have a range of forms that have been modified by Chinese Professors at the Beijing Sport University to make them more suitable for senior members of the community. Did you know there's even a range of forms that can be done in a sitting position?

Our Seniors' Classes are run by specially trained, fully-qualified instructors who understand your needs. Don't worry about what you can and can't remember, the fact that you can't stand for a long time, or that arthritis is taking its toll. Just enjoy what you can do, with others who enjoy it too.

For details, please go to our page on Seniors' Classes.

Business, Government and Special Interest Classes

Tai Chi Australia provides Tai Chi instruction to many different groups within Australia from large corporations and Government departments to schools and senior citizens groups.

We design special Tai Chi courses to suit your requirements, your timeframes and your location. For more information please contact us.