Forms Taught

Forms Taught at Tai Chi Australia

It is a well established policy at our school to ensure that students are provided with as wide a range of learning opportunities as possible to advance their understanding and practice of Tai Chi. Not only are various Tai Chi and Wushu forms available including a range of weapon forms but every year Tai Chi Australia arranges special activities for the benefit of students such as special workshops conducted by grand masters, weekend retreats and regular study tours to China. In addition, a regular newsletter is provided to students to enable their better understanding of our school, the opportunities available and the benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong.

No other school can match the diversity and range of opportunities provided by TCA in Victoria and Tasmania. Our policy is to meet the individual needs of all students whatever their preferences.

Styles and Forms Taught at TCA

Tai Chi Australia has the capacity to teach a vast array of Tai Chi, Wushu and Qigong styles, forms and sets. Below is a list of the styles, forms and sets currently being taught within the school. Should you be interested in any other style or form please contact us.

We also teach the Walking Stick.

And extensive selection of Wushu forms (on request).

Tai Chi Fan
Chen Style Taijiquan
Dong Yue Style Taijiquan