September 2021 Newsletter

So far in 2021

Dear all,

As we complete Term 3, I would like to thank you all for your continued support and commitment of Tai Chi Australia.

I understand there are some of you that prefer to practice in our normal classroom environment. I also understand that there are a few that have really enjoyed the Zoom classes. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the current restrictions are relaxed soon so that we can resume face to face classes as soon as possible. Having said that, I am preparing to deliver Zoom classes next term whilst hoping that we resume face to face classes as soon as we are able. There are some venues that may be able to deliver classes in an outdoor environment and we will endeavour to conduct these classes as soon as the Government permits.
As always, we welcome your feedback. Please get in touch if you have any other ideas for delivering classes next term.

My hope is, that the ongoing practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong whilst in lockdown, continues to provide exercise of the body, mind and spirit re-energising the spirit for the days ahead.

The Zoom Tai chi program for next term will be out shortly.

Below are News Items for you to enjoy.

The fifth World Health Qigong Day

Special time and special celebrationAt 10am on the 11th of September Health Qigong Australia Health Qigong Australia in conjunction with Tai Chi Australia held a special celebration for the 5th World Health Qigong Day via Zoom in Melbourne.

In the first 3 years Tai Chi Australia (TCA) celebrated this event at Federation Square in Melbourne.  Due to COVID-19 lockdown Stage 4 restriction last year, we celebrated this special event in a special way… Zooming.  Unfortunately, this year due to the 6th COVID-19 lockdown restriction in place, we practised Liuzijiu via Zoom again. Coordinated by the International Health Qigong Federation, enthusiastic Health Qigong practitioners from over 70 organizations from 45 countries (regions) gathered in the ‘cloud’ to practise Health Qigong Liu Zi Jue to celebrate this momentous event.

‘World Health Qigong Day’ is initiated by the International Health Qigong Federation and is celebrated on the second Saturday of September each year. It is currently the world's largest and most extensive international exhibition and exchange event. The theme of this year's event is ‘Life Between Breaths.’ For the second time, the IHQF used a combination of online and offline methods for a series of activities, with continuous reports through the live webcast room, and a panoramic display of  global sharing of Health Qigong Liu Zi Jue.

Health Qigong is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Fluid physical movements, mental cultivation and regulated breathing guides promote the free flow of energy (Qi) throughout the body, helping to balance Yin and Yang, improve general health and a greater sense of well-being.

Health Qigong enthusiasts from all over the world expressed their best wishes and blessings for this event through the Internet. Han Jin Song, chief instructor of Tai Chi Australia says, ‘that due to the COVID-19 we are in the 6th lockdown in Melbourne Australia including an overnight curfew.

‘However, we continue practising Liu Zi Jue via our Zoom classes as we believe it helps to improve our Lung function and build up the immune system. It is a simple and useful home-based practice for the prevention and post-recovery management of COVID-19. Although we cannot celebrate the 2021 World Health Qigong Day in our usual location…Federation Square, we celebrate with you all via Zoom. We hope we will be on the other side of COVID-19 soon and resume our regular FREE Tai Chi and Health Qigong at Fed Square.’

Thank you all to those who participated in this special event and we look forward to it next year. If you would like a participating Certificate as a souvenir, please email TCA a passport size photo and we will organise the rest for you.

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Tai chi world heritage goes to the stars

Three Chinese astronauts from the Tiangong space station, Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo thrilled many children by giving on-the-spot instructions, on how to do tai chi from space. For those students who have learned Dong Yue Form with Diana, some of the moves should be easily recognisable…please access the link:

Healthcare and Sports from the Perspective of Qi, Fascia, and Tai Chi

The slow-motion practice of Tai Chi cultivates the cognitive perception of fascia tension as it is being harnessed to discipline body motion in accordance with the balance of Yin-Yang…more in the Journal of Integrative Medicine

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Vision

Currently more than 453,000 Australians are living with low vision or blindness and it is expected that by 2050, over 1 million people over the age of 50 will have some form of vision loss. The good news is that 90% of all vision loss is avoidable or treatable. Click here to see how

While 2020 was a challenging year dominated by a global health emergency, in 2021 it’s still important for us to look after our holistic health and wellbeing, especially our vision. The importance of keeping our eyes healthy has so many benefits in assisting people to feel independent, to prevent falls and accidents, to prevent depression and for general wellbeing. The Vision Initiative is a Victorian Government funded integrated eye health promotion program to assist us with eye health. It aims to prevent avoidable blindness and address the impact of vision loss in the Victorian community. It encourages us to not wait for symptoms but commit to getting regular eye checks. 90% of vision loss is avoidable or treatable if it is identified early.
Jason Teh, Optometrist from Surrey Hills says, ‘If you notice a change in your vision, don’t ignore it. Optometry practices are open for emergencies during Lockdown and take COVID safe precautions. You do not need a referral, if you are due for an eye check or have noticed a change to your vision, call your optometrist today to make an appointment.’ Eye tests can also be arranged by speaking with your GP and are often covered by Medicare.

The key points for looking after you eye health are: regular eye checks, if you are over 40; protect your eyes from the sun…wear a hat and sunglasses when outside; wear safety goggles eye protection when playing sports like squash, or performing activities like hammering, welding, mowing the lawn or gardening; avoid smoking, or commit to quit; Maintain a healthy diet with regular exercise, including Tai Chi and Qigong; manage your health including diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol.
More tips about protecting your vision are available via multilingual resources and videos in 10 languages: Arabic, Burmese, Cantonese, Dari, Greek,Hazaragi, Italian, Mandarin, Tamil and Vietnamese.

Regular practice of Tai Chi helped our Mental and physical health during the lockdown
Some of the ladies came to Bridistow Lavender Farm to do Tai Chi in Tasmania

Judy leaves TCA for the next phase of her life

Judy M is moving to WA to be closer to her family. A much-loved Instructor, she will be sadly missed by her TCA family, fellow instructors and her many pupils. Judy started Tai Chi with TCA in 1998 and later became an Instructor.

As a student, she attended many seminars/workshops conducted by Professors/Masters from China, here and overseas. Her enthusiasm to improve her Tai Chi and Qigong was apparent from the beginning.
As an instructor, she visited China many times for professional training at the Beijing Sport University and International Health Qigong Federation. The knowledge and skills she gained significantly benefited all her students.

As a competitor representing TCA, she achieved many gold medals in various Tai Chi and Health Qigong competitions. We hope she is as proud of these achievements as we are of her.

We wish Judy all the best with her new adventure. Please stay healthy and safe.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me or call us on 9889 9999.

Master Han Jin Song
Chief Instructor Tai Chi Australia
PO Box 59, Glen Iris, 3146
T:  (03) 9889 9999  
M: 0415 99 33 99