Past Events

Instructor Workshop 2015

Renowned Beijing Sports University Professor Inspires TCA Instructors

Each year TCA invites Professors and Masters from China to conduct training for TCA’s Instructors. This ensures that our instructors maintain the highest standard of training in Australia.  This year the instructors seized the opportunity to learn the skills and qualities required to become a competent Instructor from highly acclaimed visiting Professor Wang Xiaojun, an expert in Tai Chi, Health Qi Gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Beijing Sports University.

An informative discussion of the theory of TCM and its relationship with the teaching of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, was given by Professor Wang whose passion ignited enthusiasm into every Instructor.  Basic facts on the philosophy of Tai Chi and Qi Gong including the significance of Yin/Yang philosophy of opposites such as, open and closed movements were explored. He stressed the importance of the traditions of Chinese Culture and the links with TCM and how the understanding of all these concepts was vital to becoming a good Tai Chi and Qi Gong Instructor.

He emphasised that ‘energy’ was vital when teaching a class as it is infectious. It brings joy to teaching and learning.   The teacher’s energy should be visible by body language, voice and facial expression. He recognised that this is not easily achieved particularly if teaching to a Group two to three times a week and that teachers need to have the ability to create energy to be an effective teacher.

The elements of having good morals, high life standards and a positive attitude were also highlighted. His emphasised that teaching entailed more than just teaching physical movements, it also included breathing and developing the inner energy.  He discussed and demonstrated how Tai Chi and Qi Gong can become an integral part of life by incorporating movements into everyday situations.

He concluded by demonstrating and teaching the traditional salute that all classes begin and end with in China, which shows respect by the teacher to the students and by the students to the teacher.

All Instructors were grateful to Professor Wang for generously sharing his knowledge and thoughtful instruction.

Some Instructors were also fortunate to learn the Tai Ji Yang Sheng Zhang (Tai Chi Stick Health Preservation Exercises) at a workshop conducted by Professor Wang Xiaojun.  Consisting of eight exercises performed with a stick which becomes an extension of the body, Tai Ji Yang Sheng Zhang follows the principles of the fundamentals of TCM by balancing the yin and yang.  Instructors found it easy to learn and were advised that it could be practiced by anyone regardless of age or experience.  It assists people with shoulder, neck and wrist complaints.

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