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Health Qigong Workshop - June 2013

Chinese Health Qigong Association Workshops prove popular with TCA and Melbournians

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In early June 2013, Tai Chi Australia was honored to host the President, Chinese Health Qigong Association (CHQA), Chang Jianping, Lu Min and Master Zeng Weihong who were in Australia to share their knowledge and expertise in Health Qigong by teaching, demonstrating and lecturing at workshops at TCA, public venues and the Southern School of Natural Therapies.

Australians are increasingly becoming aware of the health benefits gained by the regular practice of Qigong. Last year TCA added Ba Duan Jin, the Eight Golden Treasure Brocade, to its regular curriculum and it is now being taught throughout the School.

Workshops conducted by Master Zeng were enthusiastically attended by about 60 TCA instructors, students and members of the public.  Every instructor attended a revision of Ba Duan Jin to re-enforce the concept of Qigong practice.

Master Zeng also taught Yi Jin Jing which will be introduced to TCA regular classes soon. Yi Jin Jing is the most famous and popular of the classic Chinese Qigong meditation exercises. It focuses on stretching the tendons and flexing the bones, combing softness with strength.  It is being taught at 8.00am every Friday morning at Federation Square.  About 50 Melbournians, TCA instructors and students joined Master Zeng at Federation Square to practice exercises to promote the health and therapeutic benefits of Health Qigong. As with all events organized by TCA at Federation Square, it was supported by the management of Federation Square.  

In addition, an introductory workshop organised by TCA was held for the general public in Brunswick. Facilitated by CHQA’s President, Mr Chang, the workshop promoted Qigong for health and stress management. Mr Chang encouraged participants to regularly practice Health Qigong to maintain health, improve energy levels and encourage a calm state of mind.

Demonstrations of Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing and Da Wu, Big Dance were enjoyed at every workshop.  Master Zeng also travelled to Shepparton where TCA students benefited from an all day workshop.

Master Zeng gave an introductory workshop at the Southern School of Natural Therapies to students studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qigong is an important part of TCM.  She discussed the benefits and how to achieve these benefits plus answering many questions. She took the students through exercises in Ba Duan Jin. The session proved very popular.

Once again the annual Health Qigong workshops were successful. The more students practiced Qigong the more they wanted.  TCA looks forward to organizing more Health Qigong workshops in 2014 and extending the amount of Qigong taught at the school.

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