Past Events

Eltham Town festival 2013

TCA delights crowd at the Rotary Eltham Town Festival – 2013

TCA was honoured to be the first event on the Community Stage at the Rotary Eltham Town Festival. This year emphasis was given to performances by local organisations. Each group performed and then encouraged crowd participation. Held at Alistair Knox Park a large crowd braved the weather to participate.

TCA gave a demonstration and then a diverse group of people joined Master Song and other Instructors to learn the Lotus and Shibashi.  They included members of the local CFA, SES, sporting groups, Rotarians and people of all ages one dressed up as a life size bear.

This was a unique experience for TCA as we have taught tai chi in the area over several years.  We look forward to being involved again in 2014.

Photos of the festival below.

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