Past Events

Australia Day 2013

Here are photos of two events Tai Chi Australia participated in on this year's Australia Day.

Yarra Valley Water

Yarra Valley Water hosted a “multicultural barbeque cook-off” which will feature on the Nine Network’s TODAY program on Australia Day to publicise the release of new updates to Yarra Valley Water’s “Choose Tap” app – which now includes the location of public barbeque facilities and toilets.

Celebrating the diversity of Yarra Valley Water’s customers on Australia Day 2013, the event showcased the Greek, Arabic and Chinese communities’ versions of an Australia Day barbeque, competing against the traditional Aussie snag.

2013 Melbourne Australian Day Celebration

For the past 9 years. TCA has been involved in the Australia Day Celebrations. We are proud to be Australian and honored to have the opportunity to be part of a huge multi cultural celebration.  Our contribution adds color and diversity to the traditional Australian way of life.

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