Another Reason for doing Tai Chi

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic have uncovered a new physiological reason why for some suffers, arthritic knee pain might not be so bad. Dr Shreyasee Amin and her team followed 265 arthritis sufferers for 30 months, and monitored their quadriceps strength against cartilage loss. The people with good quadriceps strength (top third of the group) showed a 60 percent lower risk of losing cartilage, had less knee pain and better physical function.

We all know that correct practice of Tai Chi should help to develop and strengthen your quadriceps (those muscles that run down the front of your leg from your hip to your knee). Now there is even more reason to sink down in to a horse stance!

Dr Amin did go on to say “Having a qualified physician or therapist work with you is important for you to do the exercises correctly and so you don’t injure yourself in other ways.” At Tai Chi Australia we always encourage you to consult your doctor or specialist before starting Tai Chi and never to do anything that hurts or feels uncomfortable. If you want to develop your quadriceps and help combat arthritic knee pain, please talk to your instructor at your next class.