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World Health Qigong Day 2020

September 10, 2020
World Health Qigong Day 2020

The 4th World Health Qigong Day in Melbourne

The World Health Qigong Day is celebrated on the 2nd Saturday in September.  Organised by the International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF), it coordinates the practice of Health Qigong (HQ) at 10am local time in 51 countries and regions, in 5 continents across the world. Globally, Health Qigong will be practiced non-stop for 24 hours from east to west.

Health Qigong is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Fluid physical movements, mental cultivation and regulated breathing guides promote the free flow of energy (Qi) throughout the body. This helps to balance Yin and Yang, improve general health and give a greater sense of well-being.

The slogan of this year’s World Health Qigong Day is 'Have you Baduanjined today?'

In the past 3 years Tai Chi Australia (TCA) has celebrated this event at Federation Square in Melbourne.  Due to COVID-19 lockdown Stage 4 restrictions currently in place, we will celebrate this special event in a special way… Zooming.  We will practice Ba Duan Jin via Zoom at 10am this Saturday, 12 September.

TCA has many students who enjoy health and happiness and who are achieving harmony and balance in their daily lives.

We invite everyone to join us at 9:55am this Saturday, 12 September to celebrate Health Qigong on World Health Qigong Day.

You can click the link below or manually enter meeting ID and password below:

Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 389 016 9724
Passcode: 20200912

Three Tips to Enjoy World Health Qigong Day

All participants are entitled to a beautiful certificate by uploading a photo of the event.  The photo will appear on the Certificate and must be uploaded between 10 - 12 September. Please click this link to see the details.

There are five major prizes supplied by Longcai Sports Group drawn from the code created by photo uploading.

Global Lucky Draw

First prize (2):  IHQF International Intensive Training Course of Liuzijue Principles and Functions (about 80 class hours for half a year, the course is expected to start in November)
Second Prize: (20:  Luxury Silk Scroll of Ba Duan Jin
Third Prize: (60):  Customised Pu’er Tea for World Health Qigong Day
Fourth Prize:  (100): Customised Exquisite Tea Set for World Health Qigong Day
Fifth Prize: (300):  World Health Qigong Day Tee shirt

Global Popularity Award

This is based on the rank of your uploaded photo by votes from your friends and relatives:

Rank 1-10:  Customised Pu’er Tea for World Health Qigong Day
Rank 11-30:  Customised Pu’er Tea Set for World Health Qigong Day
Rank 31-70:  Customised Exquisite Tea Set for World Health Qigong Day
Rank 71-100:  World Health Qigong Day Tee shirt