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TCA stars at Dong Yue Tai Chi Convention

October 22, 2014
TCA stars at Dong Yue Tai Chi Convention

Recently, several instructors and students accompanied TCA’s Chief Instructor Master Han Jin Song to attend the 1st Yokohama Dong Yue Tai Chi Chuan International Competition.

Held in Yokohama, Japan on October 4 and 5, it was the 3rd international event held specifically for the Dong Yue Tai Chi Chuan. You can view the competition on YouTube via this link: Dong Yue Taiji Quan International Convention 1st Yokohama

Developed by Professor Men Hui Feng, Dong Yue Tai Chi Chuan was created to celebrate the 21st millennium and was China’s gift to the world.

Over 1500 participants from countries including Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia and Russia participated in seminars in Dong Yue Tai Chi Chuan theory and the refinement of its fundamentals. The experience of being taught by Professor Men was joyful and his instructions were succinct and easy to follow.

The highlight of the weekend was the spectacle of 1000 athletes performing a new Dong Yue Tai Chi Chuan form led by Professors Men and Kan.

TCA instructors successfully competed at the full day of competition with Judy Maynard receiving two gold medals and Anne Wieneroider receiving one gold and one silver. Anne received one of the few highest scores 9.03 - above 9.0 among all the competitors (not even many Chinese competitors has got such high score). A trophy was also awarded to the TCA team headed by team manager Lyn Schembri with Anne, Judy, Helen, Graham and Ray.

After the Convention finished not even a raging Typhoon Phanfone could dampen the enthusiasm of two days sight seeing. It included a visit to Fujisengen Shrine set amidst a majestic forest and an unexpected bonus, an amazing glimpse of magnificent Mt Fuji.