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TCA and COVID-19 Update

April 12, 2020
TCA and COVID-19 Update

The pandemic COVID19 virus outbreak is continuing to reach new levels and is causing significant concern in the TCA community and the community at large. TCA hopes that you are staying safe, keeping well and learning to navigate this new and unpredictable landscape.  

TCA is in the fortunate position to help you in this challenging time.  The practice of Tai Chi and Health Qigong are proven methods of helping to improve the immune system, lung capacity and stress levels of everybody in the community including medical staff.  

With this in mind, as all non-essential businesses have been closed many of you are isolated at home and it is imperative that your most precious assets, health and wellbeing, are maintained and strengthened.

TCA will post Tai Chi programs free of charge for you, your family and friends.  These will assist you exercising – to relax the body, regulate the breathing and calm the mind whilst working from home.

We will soon start live online teaching and welcome your feedback in order to tailor suitable programs for you.  It is important to continue to access our website so you do not miss anything.

Since 2015, TCA has worked with Channel 31 developing many Tai Chi and Health Qigong exercises for its popular exercise program ‘Move it or Lose It’.  All have been broadcast nationwide and been positively received.

TCA looks forward to the time we can join as a group face to face.  In the meantime, we will enjoy seeing you on-line.