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Start of Term 2, 25 April

April 2, 2022
Start of Term 2, 25 April

Hi All,

Term 2 for Beginners starts Monday 25April, 2022.

Due to the Omicron situation in Melbourne, we will hold as many of our regularTai Chi classes weather permitting, outside the venues. If inside, the social distancing rule will be followed. To protect everyone concerned,TCA has developed a Covid-safe-plan based on the current government relevant policies, to ensure a secure and comfortable learning environment for everybody to enjoy the classes.

View the Safe Plan here on our website

If we are in lockdown again, we will have virtual class using Zoom though it is very unlikely. If you prefer not to join the Zoom classes we will keep the credits for you for when you are ready to return to face to face classes.If you feel uncomfortable during the classes, please talk to your instructor immediately so that we are aware of your concerns and able to help you.

TCA is ready to take you on your journey searching for harmony in mind and body and hope you are ready to. Let’s meet in Term 2 and practice tai chi fora healthy, safe life.