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November Newsletter

November 26, 2020
November Newsletter

Hi All,

Thanks to all Victorians’ efforts, Melbourne is finally getting Covid 19 under control and more restrictions are being relaxed. It has been a tough time for us all and we have suffered a lot.  We have become more conscious of the importance of strengthening and maintaining our immune systems and health.

We look forward to another government announcement next Sunday.

1. On-line Tai Chi Classes

TCA Zoom classes have proven to be really successful with both national and international participants.  It has been the ideal opportunity for students to get together to learn new forms, practice and revise in detail what they have learnt and most importantly to keep healthy and have fun.

A more detailed report will be in the next newsletter.

2. On-line Tai Chi Classes around the World

There have been many international on-line tai chi classes held during this tough time.  I am pleased to inform everyone that a close friend of mine, Master Sitan Chen in USA will conduct a short Course in the Beijing 24 Form.  He has won many gold medal in professional competitions held in China and around the world.  He enjoys the nickname, ’Tai Chi Prince’ (Prince of Tai Chi).

The first Obligation Free class is being held as follows:

Time and Date: 12.00 pm to 1.00pm   Saturday 28 November, 2020

On-line Method: Xiaoe (similar application to Zoom)

Details:   (website to download the application, Xiaoe)

I strongly recommend this course to you all.

Master Sitan Chen and Master Han Jin Song

3. Grand Master Yang Zhenduo – the 4th generation of Yang Style

It is with sadness that I inform you that the 4th generation and keeper of Yang Style Tai Chi, the Grand Master (GM) Yang Zhenduo, passed away on 7 November, 2020.  He was aged 95 years.  As a mentor to many, his presence and wisdom will be missed by TCA and the entire Yang Style Tai Chi Community world wide.

Introduction of Grand Master Yang:

Videos of GM Yang:

Grand Master Yang Zhenduo
Grand Master Yang Zhenduo with Master Han Jin Song

4. Merchandise

There are many merchandise items for sale at TCA: t-shirts, pants, shoes, DVDs.  The professional Tai Chi Shoes are the most popular item. Made from top quality leather with a wide sole to help balance, they are normally priced at $75.00. For TCA students only, the sale price is $50.00.  Ideal as a Christmas gift for yourself or a fellow student.  Limited stocks available.

More news in our next newsletter at the end of term.

Please everybody continue to abide by the government rules for Covid 19.  

Stay safe.  Stay strong.  Stay healthy.