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May 4, 2020
Free video programs online

UPDATED – NEW VIDEOS FROM FED SQUARE Tai Chi is a popular exercise in Australia because the movements are simple and easy to follow. It can be practiced with an Instructor, in a group, with a friend or on your own following a video.

Anybody can learn Tai Chi. It doesn't matter how old you are or your level of fitness. There is little cost involved. There's no uniform. You simply need to wear loose fitting clothing. It can be done in a small space at home or in a large space with a group. If you are tired or have a disability it can be practiced sitting in a chair. For more information, please visit What is tai chi

Since 2015, TCA has worked with Channel 31 developing many Tai Chi and Health Qigong exercises for its popular exercise program ‘Move it or Lose It’.

We also worked with Fed Square's FedFitness to produce some Tai Chi and Health Qigong videos for you to keep you fit and healthy during this challenging time.

You can view the Fed Square and Tai Chi for Everyone videos on our website by following this link: