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April 2021 Newsletter

April 20, 2021
April 2021 Newsletter

TCA stars in ABC 7.30 Report

Between March 29 andApril 01 the ABC 7.30 report broadcast a series of 4 episodes on the Future of Retirement.  The age of retirement and money were the main topics interspersed with how people spend their time in retirement to keep people fit and flexible.  Six members ofTai Chi Australia feature in a beautiful video performing Tai Chi.  Other exercises featured were weights and swimming.  For further information to balance your life please contact Tai Chi Australia

Tai Chi brings relief, happier outcomes and more vitality to breast cancer survivors

The ancient Chinese practice of tai chi is widely recognised as a powerful way to improve physical and mental health. In a number of recent studies, tai chi is found to help lower blood pressure, manage stress, build strength and improve balance. Everyone benefits regardless of age or fitness level. However, recent findings show that the practice of tai chi also brings relief and better outcomes to breast cancer survivors.

Tai chi involves a series of physical movements, breathing techniques and meditation that positively impacts on the quality of life. Head Instructor, Han Jin Song, Tai Chi Australia (TCA) says, it helps to reduce stress from more severe cancer-related symptoms that often lead to shorter survival times.

For further Info:

Charles Darwin University doctoral researcher, Liqun Yao says, fatigue, sleep disturbance and depression symptoms cluster(FSDSC) is a common experience of breast cancer survivors. She also says, patients also experience adverse effects of drugs used to treat FSDSC symptoms, so it is necessary to explore the role of non-pharmacological interventions that can form part of the treatment.

Ms Yao is nearing completion of a randomised controlled trial of the treatment in two large hospitals in China: The Alliated Hospital of Putian University, Putian, Fujian Province and the Alliated Hospital ofSouthwest Medical University, Luzhou, Sichuan Province.

We recruited 72 patients, 36 patients in the control group and 36 patients in the tai chi group, Ms Yao also says, from her evidence-based research, I am now able to develop a tai chi protocol that can be used by healthcare professionals.

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Helen Flanagan, instructor, (TCA) teaches at the new custom built Think Pink Living Centre, a sanctuary for women and men with breast cancer. The focus from Think Pink is on wellness, rather than illness.

Last year Helen taught under difficult circumstances and due to the Covid 19 lockdown, stopped face to face classes and taught via Zoom.  She says, I see a dramatic difference in the women who regularly attend the classes. They enjoy the sessions and I watch in awe as they improve in both balance and movement.

The love and respect shown toHelen is shown below:  

Thank you for your willingness to help us improve our quality of life.
Helen, you are an amazing instructor of a great art. It sure is a form of exercise and meditation for me.  Thank you.

I am left with very positive feelings.
The gentle exercises have dramatically improved my arm movements after surgery.
My Oncologist is delighted that I am doing Tai Chi and believes it is very beneficial for me.

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Term 2 Tai Chi starting now

This is a brief reminder that the Term 2 Tai Chi Beginners classes will start from this coming week 19 April with classes throughout Melbourne.

If you are a NEW student please go to our website to view class details and access the most convenient venue and times. Simply turn up on the day and try the first obligation FREE lesson, then talk to your instructor about the class.If you like it and wish to continue it will be $180 (or $170 Concession) for the 10-week term comprising a one-hour class each week. At the end of the term weather permitting, we will also have a 2-hour FREE practice session in the park.

We also have a pure Health Qigong class on Tuesday at 10am at our new training centre in Glen Iris. If you are interested in Qigong this will be a good opportunity for you to join us.

TaiChi and Health Qigong have been proven to be beneficial for health, relaxation, stress management, increased energy and general wellbeing. It is also very good for seniors to improve strength, balance and coordination, and to assist with arthritis conditions.

We really encourage you to come and try an obligation FREE session to see how it works for you and we look forward to meeting you soon.

We remind you to bring your family, friends, neighbours or anyone else you think will benefit from a weekly class. The first lesson is always FREE!

If you are TCA CURRENT students and have not paid for your Term 2 fees yet, please do so by either bringing cash/cheque or pay on line directly into our school account as follows:

Bank Name: CBA
Branch: Camberwell

BSB: 063 113

A/C No: 1050 8289

A/C Name: Tai Chi Australia Pty Ltd


Although the lockdown has been lifted we still need to keep social distancing, wear a mask except while practicing Tai Chi (however, you are still welcome to wear it while practicing) Hand sanitising will be provided on entry and exit asper our COVID-19 safe approach.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me or call us on 98899999.

Best regards,

Master Han Jin Song
Tai Chi Australia
PO Box 59 Glen Iris
Victoria 3146
T: +61 3 9889 9999
M: 0415 99 33 99