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3rd International Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange another success

September 7, 2018
3rd International Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange another success

The 3rd China International Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange was held in August 2018, at Jiuhuashan, Anhui Province, China.TCAs Chief instructor, Master Han Jin Song and Instructors, Judy and Helen were among the150 Health Qigong enthusiasts from more than 25 Health Qigong Associations from China, Asia, South America and Oceania who attended the event which was held over four days.

Participants competed in a maximum of two events chosen from Yi Jin Jing, Wu Qin Xi, Liu Zi Jue, Ba Duan Jin, Da Wu and Yang Sheng Zhang.Congratulations to Judy and Helen who both received medals: Judy, a Gold medal in Yang Sheng Zhang and Bronze medal in Liu Zi Jue; and Helen, a Bronze medal in Ba Duan Jin.

Health Qigong devotees also enthusiastically attended a session conducted by two leading Health Qigong Professors, who revised the Da Wu and Yang Sheng Zhang forms that were included in the Tournament program.

Jiuhuashan is one of four sacred Buddhist mountains in China. Although the weather was hot and humid, with rain and thunderstorms a number of historical sightseeing tours were organised including Lingyang Ancient Town, with its stone bridges and ancient buildings and the traditional Wannan 300 Village, with its ancient crafts, sources and storage of food, and village way of life. Chinese culture was also experienced consisting of a welcoming massage at a Chinese Medical Centre and the challenge of calligraphy at a calligraphy studio.

During the Tournament Judy renewed many acquaintances with Health Qigong friends from around the world and Helen made many new friends. Both agreed that to have the opportunity to travel to China to compete and learn Health Qigong from acclaimed Chinese professors with others from many countries was an incredible privilege.