Dr. Chao Shengjie



Dr. Chao Shengjie is a lecturer at Lishui University in China. He was a visiting scholar at the University of Texas U.S.A. in 2018. He is the ranking 7-Duan of Health Qigong, and is a member of the first class of Chinese Health Qigong instructors overseas. He has conducted researches in the fields of Health Qigong, Chinese philosophy, the science of Chinese characters and Guqin performance.


He is an editorial board member of six teaching materials, including Health Qigong·Yi Jin Jing, Health Qigong·Ba Duan Jin, Health Qigong·Shi Er Duan Jin, Health Qigong·Da Wu, Health Qigong·Tai Chi Yang Sheng Zhang, Health Qigong·Vision Improvement Gong.

He has published a monograph entitled The Secret of Sound and has contributed to six national-level research projects. He has published more thanten research papers in core national publications and has participated in numerous Health Qigong promotion projects and academic and cultural exchanges in the United States, Japan, Belgium, France, and the United Nations.