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Leempeeyt Weeyin' will impact Fed Square Classes
Leempeeyt Weeyin' will impact Fed Square Classes

Tuesday and Friday classes in August will be impacted. 

Tai Chi could help reduce falls in elderly
Tai Chi could help reduce falls in elderly

Here is a link to a SBS article on How ancient Tai Chi movements could help prevent older people from falling. 

World Health Qigong Day
World Health Qigong Day

The 1st World Health Qigong Day will be celebrated at 10.00am on Sunday 13 August 2017. 


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Class Locations

Tai Chi Australia runs dozens of classes throughout Victoria and Tasmania for students of all skill levels. We also have a sister school in South Australia.

If you are new to Tai Chi we have Beginner's Classes starting four times a year in Melbourne and regional Victoria, and three times a year in Tasmania. Our Beginner's Classes commence with an obligation FREE Introductory lesson designed for you to not only find out more about Tai Chi but more importantly, to experience it and see if you like it. If you enjoy your class, you can sign up for a 10-week term. If Tai Chi is not for you, you can walk away.

Tai Chi Australia runs regular public classes featuring a variety of styles, forms and sets. For details of what is currently available please choose the location that best suits you: Boronia, Brighton, Brunswick, Cheltenham, Glen Waverley, Launceston, Laverton, Malvern, Malvern East, Mornington, Noble Park, Prahran, Ringwood, Shepparton, Somers, South Yarra, Williamstown.

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Tai Chi for Everyone

Tai Chi, or Taijiquan in Chinese, is an outstanding gem of traditional Chinese culture that is valuable in promoting health, developing combat and self-defence skills, and improving concentration and overall well-being.

Health benefits are derived from the Tai Chi's slow, gentle and tranquil movements which enable harmony in mind and body, improved mobility, suppleness and mental alertness.

The benefits are well recognized by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) who are frequently Tai Chi instructors themselves and recommend the art as the physiotherapy of TCM.

Anyone regardless of age or level of fitness can practice and benefit from Tai Chi. Loose, comfortable clothing and flat shoes should be worn to classes.

Health, Longevity, Relaxation, Vitality

Obligation Free Tai Chi and Health Qigong Classes

Beginners Classes

Tai Chi Australia has Beginners Classes with a no obligation FREE lesson at the commencement of each school term. The FREE Introductory lesson is designed for you to not only find out more about Tai Chi but more importantly, to experience it and see if you like it.

Federation Square

We also run FREE Tai Chi classes at Federation Square.
Every Tuesday at 7.30am. Come and join us!

Also Free classes are now being run in Health Qigong at Federation Square. Every Friday between 8 and 9 am. Come and relax with us!

More information at the Federation Square website:

Free Tai Chi at Fed Square