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International Health Qigong Federation Training Seminar

TCA honoured as elite Health Qigong School

In February 2014 I was asked by TCA Chief Instructor Master Han Jin Song to attend an invitation only training seminar for the Heads of the Members of the International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF). Participants from 34 countries attended.

The training seminar was held in E’mai Shan City, Sichuan located in Southwest China. E’mai Shan (Mt E’mai) is one of the four sacred mountains in this region. Known as a mecca for Buddhism it was the ideal setting for a week of intensive training in Health Qigong. Buddhist spiritualism combined with many natural wonders give E’mai Shan a surreal feeling. Towering gnarled trees reach into a sea of clouds. Each morning Buddhist pilgrims step out of the mist to enter one of the many temples. Impressive water falls cascade into pristine ponds where the water and sky reflect as one colour. The air is fresh, the quietness almost deafening.

IHQF Training Seminar 2014

Against this backdrop the seminar opened with an insightful lecture by eminent Professor Lou Yu Lie from Beijing University. Professor Lou is the most highly regarded living philosopher in China. Every participant was honoured to meet him and attend his lecture, which focused on the three major schools of Chinese philosophical thinking: Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. Professor Lou discussed how these doctrines are found in contemporary Chinese culture and thinking compared with traditional Chinese culture and thinking, including the concept that our vital energy, Chi as a concept, is central to the culture.

He defined Confucianism as doing the right thing is this life and being responsible for anything you start, Taoism as the way through life and that everything has its own natural journey and Buddhism as being fully aware of our thoughts and actions and the ability to not dwell in the past or the imagined future.

The following morning Professor Lou facilitated an informative Q &A session.

IHQF Training Seminar 2014

Throughout the week we were instructed in Health Qigong forms and theory, Traditional Chinese Medicine and massage by top professors in their field. They included Hu Xiao Fei, Wang Xiao Jun, Lei Bin, Wang Zhen, and Wang Yu Lin all of whom were generous with their time and knowledge. Initially we practiced the 12-step Dao Yin and Wu Qin Xie (Five Animals) forms and were introduced to the Dawu and Yang Sheng Zhang forms.

IHQF Training Seminar 2014

A report on the results of past research into the health benefits of Health Qigong conducted in the past few years in China and overseas by Professor Shi Ai Qiao from Wuhan Sport Institute proved most interesting. The research results showed that Health Qigong helped to lower blood pressure, reduced blood fat (cholesterol), improved lung capacity, boosted the immune system, increased flexibility, developed balance and lessened depression.

Although we had little spare time some sight seeing was included. We travelled by cable car to explore the magnificent Buddhist temples of E’mai Shan where we experienced the mountain’s spirituality, the mysterious ancient forest and the vast sky. A troop of monkeys visited us in the garden of one temple.

IHQF Training Seminar 2014 IHQF Training Seminar 2014

Thank you Song. The trip was amazing, a memorable experience. I hope the opportunity arises for me again.

Judy M.