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Tai Chi in Tasmania

Outlined below is our current schedule of Launceston and surrounding area classes. From this you will be able to see all the venues, the forms taught at each venue, the times those forms are taught and who teaches them. Please feel free to attend as many classes as you want. For information regarding multiple-class fee structures please contact us.

For more information about classes in Launceston, please contact Han Jin Song – Chief Instructor of TCA or call on 0415 99 33 99.

Term Dates

Term Dates for 2020:
Term 1: 27 January to 28 March
Term 2: 13 April to 27 June
Term 3: 13 July to 19 September
Term 4: 05 October to 19 December

Launceston Class Locations

Term 1 - 2020

  • Launceston

    Various locations
  • Tuesday
    11.00am LINC building (library), through Adult Education: Beginners class, Shibashi
    1.00pm Glenarra Lakes, Youngtown Arthritis Group: B12, B24, 72 Sun Style, Plum Blossom
    Southern Cross Retirement Village, Mowbray: Shibashi, B12, Plum Blossom, Eight Golden Treasures
    1.00pm Pilgrim Uniting Church, Ida Birchall Hall, Launceston: B42, B32 Sword