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Beginners Classes Term 3 2019 Dates announced

Monday, June 24, 2019

If you ever wanted to try Tai Chi, now is the time with a no obligation FREE lesson.

Class locations, park lessons and dates for Term 3 2019 can be found on the Beginners Classes page. More details about our classes can be found on our About Our Classes page.

Health Qigong Workshops 2019

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Workshops in three Health Qigong forms conducted by Master Zhang Mingliang and Professor Hu Xiaofei from the IHQF will be held in August 2019.

These workshops will offer inspiration and practical knowledge in an Eastern approach to health and well-being. By working through different movements you will learn the relationship between each movement and Chinese medicine theory. The gentle and flowing movements stimulate vital energy, creating harmony and health for both body and mind.

Anyone who is interested in Traditional Chinese health systems; Qigong and Tai Chi practitioners at all levels; and students of the martial arts are encouraged to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

See the full program and download the booking form here

Health Qigong Exercise Therapy Workshops

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Workshops conducted by Professor Xiaojun WANG from the Chinese Health Qigong Association will be held in July 2016.

Anyone interested in Tai Chi, Qigong or TCM including practitioners, instructors and students; fitness instructors and personal trainers; Martial Art schools; herbalist doctors, natural therapists and anyone working in the Health industry.

Full program and booking form here