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Tai Chi Australia in Mandarin

Sanshou is a full contact boxing form with different weight categories. Sanshou competitions are conducted in eleven weight divisions from under 48 kg. to over 90 kg. The competition is full contact but with participants wearing protective gear including boxing gloves, helmet, chest protector, shin guards and instep guards (on bare feet). Within the constraints of Sanshou rules the combat techniques include punching, kicking and wrestling. The competition was traditionally for men only, but has recently been changed to include women at international level.

Each bout is made up of three two-minute rounds, with a one-minute rest between rounds. The competitor who wins two of the three rounds is judged the winner.

The contest area is a wooden platform structure that is 60cm high, 800 long and 800 cm wide with the Yin/Yang symbol in the centre. The edges of the platform are marked with red lines 7 cm thick and there are four yellow warning lines 90 cm from the edge of the platform. The competition surface is a soft mat with a canvas surface.

Full contact boxing